Areas of Practice

Legal advice for business success

Corporate Governance

We have seen a dramatic change in the corporate environment in the past few decades with a focus on lawful, ethical and sustainable business practices. The shift has been prompted by policy and legislation in almost every country in the world and corporate entities can no longer ignore the challenges brought about by this shift and the inevitable need for proper internal and external controls in the business place. We assist our clients with navigating the challenging international corporate governance environment particular to their businesses by advising on regulatory requirements and compliance, good corporate governance and data protection.

Our services also include continuous training in these fields to ensure that our clients and their stakeholders are compliant and equipped to deal with the ever changing corporate landscape.

Corporate and Commercial

Our corporate and commercial team has extensive experience in company formation and structuring in countries throughout the world and provide focussed advice in relation to the incorporation of corporate structures and the legislation applicable to the different commercial arrangements and environments.

It is a principle of time immemorial that central to any successful business is the nature, extent and strength of the relationships which an entity or person has with its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

We take a uniquely analytic and practical view to the commercial relationships within our clients’ businesses and ensure that those relationships are properly defined to ensure certainty, growth and strength, allowing our clients extract the best possible value. Our team achieves this by inter alia applying their legal knowledge and experience of the international trading environment embodied in carefully crafted contracts.

Our commercial practice also covers a wide range of other areas including liquor law, product liability and quality control and buildings law and all related commercial litigation. In addition to the above, our competence extends to providing advice and litigation assistance relating to the protection and enforcement of non-registration and other non-traditional intellectual property rights, including trade and domain names, trade secrets and know how.


Our litigation team is headed by our Managing Director, Johannes Spamer, a former member of the Cape Bar with a reputation for the successful prosecution of complex commercial litigious matters in various courts and forums throughout the world.

Intellectual Property

We render specialised intellectual property services through an in depth knowledge and understanding of our client’s businesses and vision.

Our services include advising our clients on the appropriate structures and protection of their intellectual property, including copyright and the registration of patents, trade marks and designs and preparing a wide variety of intellectual property related instruments, including licensing, franchising, merchandising and distribution agreements various licencing agreements to regulate the intellectual property relationship with our clients and their customers and/or suppliers.