About Us

Johannes Spamer – Director

Johannes heads up our commercial and litigation departments. He is a former advocate of the High Court of South Africa and member of the Cape and National Bar Associations. His litigation experience includes time spent with the London Bar.

Johannes left the Bar in 1997 to lead the litigation team of a prominent Cape Town based law firm. In January 2000 he established the firm of J S Spamer and Associates, which merged into Spamer Triebel in 2006. Johannes specializes in complex commercial and intellectual property litigation.


Our practice focuses on commercial aspects of the law and intellectual property.

We serve small, mid-sized, and large corporations, many of which operate internationally and have worldwide trade mark portfolios, as well as individual inventors and entrepreneurs.

We advise clients with diverse interests, including the wine, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, real estate development, medical, manufacturing and hospitality industries.

Emerging and established companies increasingly recognise the value of their intellectual property as invaluable business assets. Our mission is to assist clients in identifying, managing, growing and protecting their intellectual property and using it to their best commercial advantage.


We maintain a close network of trusted correspondents worldwide, allowing us to operate virtually in any country and jurisdiction